Workshops held to help boost business skills

October 12, 2013 by  

Participants of a seminar taking place next week will learn how to enhance their online presence using the social networking app LinkedIn.

This two-hour workshop will teach participants how to optimize their profile and grow their business. It will also include tips on prospecting for new clients, as well as tips on increasing sales.

The workshop begins at 8:45 am on Monday, October 14, and will be held at 782 Alexander Road in Princeton, less than 20 minutes from Ewing.

On the topic of networking, a speed networking event will be held at 9:30 am on Tuesday, October 15, at Hamilton Public Library, One Municipal Drive in Bordentown. This workshop will teach how to remain upbeat and optimistic in any circumstances, driving home the message that attitude is at the heart of business success.

Participants will learn how to take responsibility for themselves, their work, and their attitude. It will also show them how to maintain a positive approach and how this can help them to achieve highly. The workshop is led by motivational speaker Joe Himelfarb.

Such skills can be adapted into strong leadership and, on Thursday, October 17, at 8:30 am, another workshop will teach how to be a leader.

This one will be held at Blessing White, 23 Orchard Road in Montgomery. Business owners can stay in contact with prospects with the use of business card printing, and business-related events like these are always worth taking a few digital business cards along to due to the prospect of networking.