Positive report emerges on Trenton-Mercer Airport

March 10, 2014 by  

Ewing and other communities in the region have a lot to celebrate with regards to the Trenton-Mercer Airport. At a recent meeting between officials and county legislators, the mood was upbeat on the airport’s current success and future growth.

Asked to discuss use of additional dollars for future renovations and maintenance at the airport, Mercer County Department of Transportation Director Aaron Watson said:

“As good stewards of taxpayer money and to spend the money in a measured and thoughtful manner, we are using the experience we gained and we are preparing for the future as Frontier continues to grow.”

Watson noted that Frontier Airlines, the regional airport’s premier carrier, expects to move close to 875,000 passengers annually through the facility by 2017. This represents significant growth from the current passenger load of 375,000 per year.

The requested funds for future improvements and changes at the airport are to support a covered passenger walkway, enlarged passenger waiting area, upgraded security camera surveillance systems, additional parking, and allocating office space within the terminal for Frontier Airlines.

David Miller, Chief Financial Officer for the county was very positive about the airport’s fiscal impact, saying:

“Our return on investment has increased by 33 percent. Our payback on these projects will be shorter than projected.”

Having an excellent air transportation system is always good news for businesses such as print companies or warehouse distributors that need to move their product quickly to waiting customers in other parts of the country.