New Jersey approves wine shipping bill

February 4, 2012 by  

A new bill that allows wineries to ship their wine throughout the country has just been passed. This bill is beneficial to both consumers and wineries. Businesses will be able to increase their sales and consumers will now have access to wines that are not stocked in liquor stores.

New Jersey is not a state that is typically associated with vineyards. However, many people would be surprised to know that the state makes a large amount of wine every year. This new bill will allow businesses to ship their product out of state. They will also be able to ship to New Jersey residents in suburbs such as Cherry Hill and Ewing.

Liquor stores and supermarkets opposed this bill as they felt that their customer base was being threatened. Wineries have spoken out against these claims stating that people on a budget are not looking for boutique wines for their parties. Local vineyards believe that other liquor retailers will be largely unaffected by the bill.

While this new bill may be all industry insiders can talk about, the public may not be aware that they can now have wine delivered. Wineries that want to make the most of this new law should launch a marketing campaign. Using printing services to send out information to their previous customers is a good way to start. Companies that do not already have a website should consider getting one. Many consumers will be interested in purchasing wine on the internet.