Motorcycle track day event to be held in New Jersey

April 7, 2012 by  

The Penguin Roadracing School will return to the New Jersey Motorsports Park for what many consider to be the year’s best motorbike track event. This event is called “Penguin revs New Jersey with Ducati”.

Set to take place on May the 7th, 2012, organizers expect tourists at the event as well as residents from NJ towns like Ewing. As this event is one of the biggest motorbike events in the country, many people will be willing to travel to the stadium.

The event is open to all motorbike riders. This is regardless of their brand and experience levels. Those who attend will have access to one on one training, track secrets, riding tips and time with some of the top riding instructors in the nation. In addition, participants will get to spend some time in a classroom environment where they will learn about topics like suspension tuning and body position.

As the attendance at this event is limited, the organizers will need to advertise well in advance of the event date. This will ensure that people who want to attend will not miss out. One of the simplest ways of advertising events such as this one is using printing services to create flyers and brochures. Once the brochure printing is complete, event organizers can distribute them at bike stores throughout the nation. Ideally, the brochures will have details such as time, date, and cost of the motorbike workshop. Adding an image or two to the promotional material will make it stand out to potential attendees.