Fitness center turns focus on rowing

March 21, 2012 by  

GoRow Studios in Hoboken is trying to encourage students to participate in rowing. The center believes that using the older style rowing machine is a fun, fast and effective way to shape up. The center has set up group fitness routines using a rowing machine. These classes can burn 600 to 800 calories per hour.

Classes are unique as they are small. Generally there are 10 students rowing at the same time. This allows the instructor to give participants individual attention. As many people suffer from lower back problems, it is handy to have an instructor available to help.

Another special feature of the center is that it is interactive. Students will soon be able to access personal monitors. These monitors will let them race other rowers that are logged in to the system.

This gym has a very special product on their hands. Anyone interested in health and fitness will consider trying fun, new exercise routines. However, these people will not be able to attend classes if they do not know that they exist. One way that the gym can increase awareness about their product is to use flyer printing. These flyers can have information about the classes and any discounts that the gym is offering.

Other gyms in New Jersey can also use flyers and brochures to promote their classes. For example, a gym in Ewing could use this marketing method to advertise spin classes. Using print companies is a very affordable way of getting word out about exciting new products and services.