Ewing couple helps animal owners feed their pets

January 28, 2012 by  

When people fall on hard times, they do not always have enough food for their pets. This issue is being addressed by the company The Pet Food Pantry. The organization works by supplying food to people in the Mercer County area.

Due to the economic recession many people have been struggling to make ends meet. Those who do not have the means to look after their animals sometimes abandon them. Animal control officers have reported a 35% increase in pet abandonment in the past year. This is often a heart-breaking decision for pet owners to have to make. This charity has helped animal owners get through hard times without having to give up their beloved pets.

The client base of the company is continuing to grow. Due to increased awareness, other individuals and businesses have stepped up to help. Some have even organized pet food drives in an effort to gather supplies.

Not for profit organizations like this one often hold a lot of events. Many of these companies do not realize that they can increase event attendance by implementing a few affordable marketing measures. For example it does not cost much to use printing services to churn out some flyers. The flyers can then be distributed in Ewing and other areas in Mercer County. This advertising method is very cheap and easy to action. Events that have more attendees are likely to raise higher amounts of money for charity.