Ewing company places illegal job advertisement

December 23, 2011 by  

An Ewing-based company is the first in the state to be fined for placing an illegal help-wanted advertisement. The company used printing services to publish a vacancy that contained the phrase ‘must be currently employed’. In the state of New Jersey it is illegal to publish a hiring notice which prevents the unemployed from applying.

The advertisement was reported by a citizen who spotted it in the newspaper. New Jersey is the only state in the nation with this law. As the law is relatively new, this is the first complaint filed under it.

The firm has been fined $1,000 for their mistake. However, the company is contesting the fine. They have stated that the state failed to alert them to the rules. They also feel that publishers such as newspapers and websites should be held accountable.

The company involved believes that they should be able to advertise for characteristics they are looking for in an employee. They fear that somebody who has been unemployed for a long time could be off their game. At this point what the company wants does not matter. The law is still in place and many people want to make an example out of them. Discrimination activists hope that the fine will serve as a warning to others. It will also raise awareness of the issue which will lead to more violations being reported. Only time will tell whether the court will choose to uphold the fine or not.