Public Library hosting multiple community-oriented events

August 6, 2012 by  

The East Brunswick Public Library is definitely doing its part to keep things active within the community through the hosting of such events as ‘Baking ‘n Books’, a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, ‘Books for Breakfast’, and even an email training class.

Designed with the intention of encouraging literacy in children, ‘Baking ‘n Books’ was one of the earlier library-hosted events taking place, with a listed start time of 11:00 am on Saturday, August 4. Free for the public and put together specifically with the intention of helping encourage literacy, the children who participated in this activity were able to snack on baked goods while listening to stories.

Later on the same day, the Library also hosted a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament shortly after lunch at 1:00 pm. Planned with slightly older kids and teenagers in mind, would-be contestants were told to come with their cards and their desire to win. Also free to attend, this was another wholesome activity that offered a fun way for Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiasts to spend a summer afternoon.

This Wedensday, August 8, things will be changed up a bit with the ‘Email Basics Part II Computer Training Class’. Whether attending as individuals who are looking to brush up on their skills or as business professionals who are planning to eventually “graduate” to digital business cards and WordPress blogs, business owners have a number of options at their disposal on this front.

Priced at $5 for cardholders and $10 for residents without library cards, the costs associated with this class are certainly within reason for prospective attendees.