NJ wineries start getting shipments ready

May 5, 2012 by  

New Jersey wineries have just started filling orders to ship their wine inside and outside of the state. This is due to a law that was passed in January taking effect. The law loosened restrictions on wine sales, allowing winemakers to ship bottles directly to consumers.

In the past, wineries were not permitted to sell their wine online or ship their products to consumers. This meant that consumers had to either buy their wine from liquor stores or visit wineries in person. Now consumers from other states as well as local residents can buy New Jersey wine online.

While winemakers are happy about this change, many retailers are worried that it will affect their business. However, experts state that the consumers who are looking for boutique wines are unlikely to buy their alcohol from liquor stores in the first place.

Wineries can take advantage of the new laws by advertising their products. One of the most cost effective ways to do this is to hire a printing company to do some flyer printing. These flyers can be posted to previous customers of the winery. The consumers who are interested in buying products can simply go to the website of the winery and place an order. Businesses who plan on doing this should not neglect to include New Jersey towns like East Brunswick in their campaign. While many out of state customers will be placing orders, NJ locals may also be interested in getting wine delivered to their homes.