ARF encouraging NJ residents to adopt a pet this weekend

March 21, 2012 by  

The Animal Rescue Force of East Brunswick is encouraging residents to come in at weekends and take a look at some of their animals. The shelter has a number of cats and dogs that need safe and happy homes from kind families in the area. The ARF specializes in finding homes for animals that would have, otherwise, been put down in a shelter or whose owners can no longer care for them.

It is worth noting that not everybody will be a suitable owner for these animals. Some cats and dogs will need special care. For example, those with disabilities will need an owner who understands how to take care of a disabled animal. The best way to find out whether you’re suitable for pet ownership is to go in to the shelter and speak to the staff.

There are many people out there that would like to adopt an animal and, unfortunately, some of them are unaware of how to adopt a rescue animal and what goes into this decision. Shelters could increase awareness of their cause by using printing services to make up brochures. including details about the animals, information on how to care for the animals and what the shelter looks for in prospective families. Local print companies are just one of the many services helping to ensure these pets find great homes with people who’ll care for them for the rest of their lives.