Mummers-style Band marches in local parade

March 7, 2014 by  

Our local Denville String Band, a Mummers-style marching band, participates in numerous parades and concerts throughout the year, and this motnh will see another public performance.

The group is set to appear at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Morristown, which is in close contention to be the largest parade celebrating the Irish patron saint in New Jersey.

The band, which is in its 63rd year, performs in the manner of the Philadelphia Mummers bands in its style of playing, marching, and elaborate costumes. The music is in the style particularly popular from the 1920s up till the 1950s. In addition to parades, the band also performs indoor and outdoor concerts around northern New Jersey.

The open and closing holidays of the summer, Memorial and Labor Days, as well as the 4th of July and Thanksgiving are particularly in high demand for the band, which says it has had to turn down many requests.

With groups like this already having strong fan bases, the challenge for event promoters is to inform the public of play dates and times. Print companies are often used to spread the word with the help of banner and flyer printing services.

The performance is scheduled for March 15. The band is looking for new members, with accordion, banjo, clarinet, drummers, guitar, and saxophone players particularly in demand. Non-musical positions need to be filled as well.