Local families get ready for the hunt

August 2, 2013 by  

In preparation for Denville Township’s 100th birthday, the Denville Recreation Center is hosting a family scavenger hunt. The hunt started on July 15, but there is still plenty of time for people to get involved.

The game was created in conjunction with the Centennial Committee and is a way for families to spend fun time together while learning about their town’s history. Unlike a traditional scavenger hunt, participants are not required to collect objects, but rather to collect facts or take pictures. To play, contestants obtain a list of questions and travel about the city and the township finding answers to the questions. Solutions will be revealed on August 4, when the hunt comes to an end.

In addition to providing an excellent opportunity for residents to learn the history of where they live, it also give families a fun way to spend what is left of the summer. Visiting local government buildings, historical sites, and community areas is a low-cost family activity even when combined with the cost of a lunch or dinner. Local restaurants would perhaps be wise to jump on bought and have a flyer or banner printing linking their establishment, a special deal, and any site mentioned in the contest that is nearby.

Once the dust has settled on the hunt, a Denville 100th Anniversary Picnic will take place at Gardner Field on September 22. Entrants with the most correct answers and the required pictures (taken with at least two family members) will be placed in a drawing to win prizes at the picnic.