Local education gets an upgrade with iPads

September 8, 2013 by  

The Denville Board of Education, in an attempt to stay ahead of new common core standards adopted by the state of New Jersey, is supplying Apple iPads to grades 3-8 social studies classes. The iPad pilot program will cost $54,000 for 90 iPads and will be paid out of the $70,000 the district had set aside for technology.

The New Jersey Department of Education is looking to increase its standards for reading comprehension and analysis. By eighth grade, it anticipates students will be able to read various sides of an issue, formulate a personal position, and then defend that position using evidence gathered from research.

Rather than expecting students to acquire these skills entirely in English classes, educators feel they should be taught across the board with every subject. The pilot program is limited to one subject initially to enable a more effective analysis of the results.

A professional development day for the program has been scheduled for October 8. Teachers of social studies from elementary schools in Lakeview and Riverview, as well as special education teachers at Valleyview, will receive training while middle-school students attend an assembly day. Training will take six hours and will be supplied by an Apple consultant. It will be specific to a social studies curriculum.

Our local chamber of commerce may want to integrate this latest innovation of our school system into any pamphlets promoting Denville. Such information included by a print company could be used to influence potential homebuyers to settle here.