Autistic school seeks board approval

July 6, 2013 by  

A proposal by Celebrate the Children Inc. is under consideration by a Denville zoning board. It hopes to move its two schools here at the site of the N.J. Foundation for the Blind. Celebrate is a renowned school for autistic children that was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in May 2006.

The school is known for its positive teaching methods and has enjoyed non-profit status since 2004. Presently it operates two schools – one each in Dover and Wharton – with 108 students. The plan is to consolidate the schools in the 60,000 square-foot building at the proposed site.

At a June meeting Monica Osgood, Executive Director of Celebrate the Children ,testified as well as a civil engineer and architect; however, testimony from Joseph Staigar, a traffic engineer, will not be heard until July 17. At that meeting, there will be a further discussion about how the additional traffic can be managed at the Diamond Spring Road site.

Parking for the proposed school proved to be an issue. Celebrate is of the belief that only 130 parking spaces will be needed while calculations based on square-footage for the building indicate 345 spaces are required. Other matters discussed included security for the school and dining facilities.

Present at the meeting were several residents, and the upcoming meeting on July 17 will no doubt include residents as well. Using the services of a printing company to inform the public of the meeting via a postcard printing might prove useful.