Snooki and JWoww Hit Back at New Jersey Governor

February 4, 2012 by  

It was recently reported that MTV was looking for locations for the new Jersey Shore spinoff starring Snooki and JWoww. Two of the locations being considered were Jersey City and Hoboken. The Governor of New Jersey has now announced that the city will not approve filming in the area.

The move was made due to concerns residents had about the impact the show would have on the community. The current series of Jersey Shore is filmed in Seaside Heights. The immense popularity of the show has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the area. When the show is filming approximately 400 fans follow the stars wherever they go. Residents of Hoboken are worried about how these crowds will impact their lifestyles.

Snooki has hit back at the Governor stating that she will not be supporting him in the next election. Meanwhile, JWoww has a different message for the governor. She has stated that Jersey Shore has brought close to $500,000 million dollars into the state of New Jersey. JWoww believes that their presence will help the economy and the city should take advantage of that.

It is no secret that the presence of these stars will boost sales in all industries. Today all a business needs to do is use printing services to promote products and services enjoyed by the cast. This will boost the sales of businesses such as bars, clubs, tanning salons, beauty parlors and even clothes stores in the area.