NJ Wants to Improve Organ Donation Numbers

April 28, 2012 by  

Statistics have revealed that organ donation in NJ is much lower than in other states. Only 31% of NJ drivers are registered as donors. This has led to the state ranking 41 out of 50 states.

The Gov. Chris Christie has stated that it is beneficial for everyone to have these numbers increase. Now that the state is moving towards digital licenses, experts predict that these numbers will change. The NJ Sharing Network states that if donation is only a click away, more people will register.

Organ donation is usually only possible with sudden deaths. This usually means younger people whose organs have not been damaged can donate. However, many young people in the state of NJ do not know much about organ donation.

One way to remedy this is for not-for-profit organizations to inform the public about the benefits of donating their organs. They can do this by hiring printing companies to start brochure and flyer printing. These brochures and flyers can be distributed to areas young and middle aged people frequent. Some examples of these are universities, noticeboards at supermarkets, doctors offices and hospitals. The organization will want to send flyers and brochures to smaller towns like Clifton. Spreading the brochures around different towns will help boost donations in the whole state. When it comes to medical issues, experts believe education is the best way to promote these issues. People who are able to read able organ donation are more likely to donate than those who do not know about the donation process.