New Jersey woman celebrates 100 years

March 31, 2013 by  

Stella Foth, who is originally from Clifton, New Jersey, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Although she did not intentionally inform friends that she would soon be a centenarian, a chance comment soon made sure that her friends at West New Bern Recreation Center were ready to celebrate with her during their line dancing classes.

Foth is very active, taking part in line dancing (although the Polka is her favorite), driving, and owning her own apartment. Although frequently offered help, Foth insists she is independent and can manage, even refusing help when rising from a seat.

One celebration this month took place with her family with a party and a meal at a local restaurant. Another was to follow at a James City restaurant, arranged by her daughter and attended by many of her friends, even those from New Jersey. Born in 1913, Foth was one of four children, although only her younger brother is still alive. She was raised in New Jersey and her passion was dancing. Following the birth of her young brother, she had to give up the dance classes as they was too expensive.

The 100th celebrations of Stella may have made local news, possibly even in New Jersey. Local stationery printers may have been utilized for the printing of special birthday invites to the celebrations. The centenarian’s favorite personality is Ronald Reagan and she still looks forward to the calendar received from Reagan Ranch each year.