Clifton youth to pull a tank for Wounded Warrior project

June 17, 2013 by  

A group of teenagers will be taking part in a competitive tank pull in Clifton this weekend.

Fifteen-year-old Jon Rohe and other associates of Squires, which is the younger members’ group of the Knights of Columbus, will compete against other teams to pull an army tank to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. During previous years, Rohe and other members of Squires have taken part in clean-up drives, food pantries, and other activities to help raise money. Each year, the Squires will promote activities to encourage more people to take part, possibly with the help of local poster printing services.

The Army tanks, which are full-size and on a flatbed truck, will be pulled along by up to 20 people in each team along Clifton Avenue. Rohe has been a member of the Squires since being 10 years old, discovering tank pulling while attending the yearly convention of the Knights of Columbus in Wildwood. Rohe knew of the Wounded Warrior Project and wanted to help raise money for the organization, but also wanted to pull an army tank. A minimum of $1,500 has to be raised by each team to be allowed to take part in the tank pull.

A group of veterans and associates launched the Wounded Warrior Project in 2003 to offer support to other veterans who had been wounded. There are over 48,000 service members who have been injured physically during the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, all needing help.

The tank pulling event is to take place this Sunday, June 23.