Clifton students raise money to help school friend

September 30, 2013 by  

In the space of a month, following the most recent charity event in Clifton, a group of girls has raised around $40,000 to help a friend in need of medical attention. Mario’s Restaurant hosted the ‘Miracle for Maria Kutyla’ fundraising event, which was planned by the group of students, raising $12,000.

The event attracted a large crowd on September 8, and attendees enjoyed food, prize-winning opportunities (thanks to donations from Clifton businesses), and simply a chance to unwind together. Mario’s got involved by providing yellow flowers, which matched the color scheme of the T-shirts and wristbands marking the occasion.

Maria Kutyla, 16, has been diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer, and six of her friends decided to raise $1,000 to help pay her medical bills. As it turns out, they have gone way beyond this target.

Members of the Clifton community donated raffle prizes, and combined with the admission fees and online donations, the total just kept growing. Although Maria was in hospital and unable to attend the fundraising event, her friends chatted to her throughout, using an iPad which was connected up to video chat.

To promote awareness of the fundraising event, local stationery printers may have been used to produce place cards, flyers, posters, and other items used at the occasion. Donations to the cause can still be made via, as the team continues to look to build on the impressive total it has raised so far.