Clifton residents take part in NYC Marathon

November 12, 2013 by  

The New York City Marathon, which took place for the 43rd year on November 2, welcomed runners from Clifton, New Jersey to compete. Almost 51,000 people took part in the popular marathon, despite it being cancelled last year due to Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Marathon events of earlier this year.

The marathon is run through five boroughs in the area, with all runners taking part for personal reasons. One resident of Clifton told that he began running after being inspired by his two brothers. Jim Tolfree has taken part in five marathons, which includes two in New York City. He finished this year’s marathon in six hours, nine minutes, eight seconds. His advice to anyone who has considered taking part in a marathon is to move towards that goal and take the next steps.

The fastest runner from Clifton was Andrew Ward, who completed the race in just over three and a half hours. A police officer from Clifton, Esly Panduro finished only six minutes behind him. Runners from the Clifton Roadrunners Club also took part in the marathon, all completing in impressive finishing times.

The New York City Marathon is held each year where possible, with thousands of runners taking part in the challenge. Promotion of the event is still required, so that people from outside the area know about registration and the starting times. The local banner printing skills of established print companies will possibly be utilized so that banners with the names of sponsors can be displayed around the marathon route.