Clifton receives grants for bike paths

September 4, 2012 by  

Cities and towns throughout the state of New Jersey will benefit from the millions of dollars in federal grants received from the US Department of Transportation, it was announced last month.

Clifton is one of the towns that will be able to see improvements to its streets, roads, and bicycle pathways. The city was awarded $532,566 and the money will be used to create and improve bicycle paths along the Morris Canal Greenway. The grant money will also go towards improving sidewalks in the city and for new street and informational signs. Clifton can enlist the services of a local print company to produce the street signs.

The Morris Canal runs through the whole state and efforts have been made for over two decades to turn the area around the canal into a green, tourist-friendly area. New bike lanes along the Greenway would give tourists and NJ residents a fun and environmentally-friendly way to travel.

The grants will help Clifton and surrounding areas restore an important piece of New Jersey’s history, according to Representative Bill Pascrell. The restored area will also provide an area of recreation for those who live in the city.

The state received additional grants from the federal government. The other grants included $501,116 towards signs to be posted on each of the seven New Jersey byways, as well as $259,120 for signs on streets that lead to the byways. The new signs are intended to help visitors to the area by providing instructions that are easy to navigate and understand. In total, the state received over $2.5 million for transportation improvements.