Clifton girl wins state dinner at White House

July 12, 2013 by  

Goldie Siegel, aged eight years old, recently won an invite to the White House for ‘state dinner’ courtesy of Michelle Obama, thanks to taking part in recipe challenge introduced by the President’s wife.

In a collaboration with the Department of Education, Epicurious online magazine, and the Department of Agriculture, the First Lady held the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge for the second consecutive year to help in the fight against child obesity.

Children between the ages of 8 and 12 years were invited to take part, with the help of their parents, to create a lunchtime meal that fulfills the criteria of being affordable, healthy, tasty, and original. Goldie fulfilled all those criteria and went on to be one of 54 winners who attended the White House for a ‘state dinner’. According to Michelle Obama, the dinner for the winners of the contest is a highlight of her year, as they impress and inspire her with their ingenuity and creativity.

Goldie enjoys cooking and comes from a family where healthy food is important, as her sister suffers from food allergies, her family eats a kosher diet, and Goldie herself is gluten intolerant. When she discovered that President Obama was from Hawaii, she chose a Hawaiian theme for her lunchtime meal.

The annual contest is open to all the U.S. states and, from 1,300 entries, just 54 winners are selected. Local stationery printers may have been asked to provide the menus and name cards for the event, which would also help boost the local economy.