Clifton Cares organizes parcels for Afghanistan troops

December 16, 2012 by  

Clifton Cares volunteers have worked hard to package 137 parcels ready to send to soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Sixty volunteers filled each box with gifts from home to thank those who are currently serving their country. The packages were being sent to 19 soldiers – eight of whom are from Clifton, New Jersey.

The volunteers are made up of parents of those in the military, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, veterans and others, who just want to convey their thanks. The packages contain candy, pepperoni, cookies, Christmas DVDs, and a Christmas card, possibly written by one of the Girls Scouts from St Philip’s Church or a veteran who attended the Salute to Veterans concert. Local magazines and newspapers are included in the parcels, especially for the Clifton soldiers who want to be reminded of home.

Clifton Cares is ongoing, with parcels being packaged up throughout the year to be sent to the military. The volunteers send their thanks to all who donate or volunteer to help. Items for donation are left at City Hall ready for being parceled up. Necessities include hand sanitizers, small shampoos, body lotions, shaving cream, foot powder, gum, fruit bars, candy, Frisbees, crossword puzzles, and warmers for the hands and feet.

It is possible that local poster printing services are utilized to promote this worthy cause throughout the New Jersey area. Earlier in 2012, volunteers from Clifton Cares were presented with a plaque of recognition by the Navy Seals Unit 10 to honor the effort they put into the parcels.