The work of Alan Goldstein illuminates the Michener Art Museum

May 26, 2013 by  

The Michener Art Museum is holding a studio tour featuring the works of Alan Goldstein, a featured artist from the Creative Hand Exhibition.

Goldstein’s work is simple and natural. He observes and contemplates the world and conveys what he sees and feels through his work. In Goldstein’s own words:

“My forms are organic, the result is abstraction.”

Residents from all surrounding areas — including Cherry Hill — are invited to come partake in the studio tour. This is an ideal opportunity for businesses of all varieties to introduce themselves to new potential customers, and an ideal way to gain visibility is by circulating digital business cards and other materials from local print companies.

Attendees of all ages can appreciate Goldstein’s work. His art conveys unique feelings to each onlooker and garners appreciation by both contemporary art aficionados and those who have never before seen the style.

The Michener Art Museum offers it all on Friday, May 31, and guests can stay from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm to experience the walkthrough. Advance registration is a necessity to gain admission. Each ticket costs students with a valid ID $5, Michener Art Museum members $15, and non-members $20.

The cost of the ticket covers general admission to the museum and therefore allows guests to arrive early or stay after to browse the other work at the Michener Art Museum. The event is child-friendly, so parents can bring their little ones along to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and broad spectrum of art styles on display.