NJ officials hope offices will put workplace blood drives in place

June 1, 2012 by  

State officials are pushing workplaces to set up workplace blood drives. They are hoping that businesses do this before Labor Day, with the idea being that these blood drives will help prevent the annual summer blood shortage.

Studies have shown that NJ has one of the lowest donation rates in the nation. As a result, the state imports more blood than other states. Therefore, officials urge any businesses who are interested in hosting a blood drive to contact the Community Blood Center.

Experts have not determined why NJ residents are reluctant to donate blood but one argument is that they are not made aware of the importance and value of donations nor how or where to give blood. If residents were aware of the fact one donation could save three lives, experts believe they would be more willing to donate blood.

The best way to educate NJ residents on the importance of blood donation is to launch a marketing campaign. Government agencies, hospitals, blood storage facilities. and regular businesses could use printing services to promote their cause. Making up brochures could be successful as they allow creators to insert a large amount of text next to images. This makes promotional material both attractive and informative.
The brochures could also list the times and dates of blood drives in areas like Cherry Hill. Many charities have found that using a printing company to make up promotional material has increased awareness of their cause, thus resulting in more donations and public support.