Mayor urges Cherry Hill residents to be more environmentally conscious

February 4, 2012 by  

The mayor of Cherry Hill has released a statement urging citizens to be more environmentally conscious. While the community has good environmental practices in place, they can be improved. The mayor hopes to improve global sustainability by making changes on a local level.

Currently the local government has a partnership with local businesses and residents. The goal of this partnership is to rise to the top of the state when it comes to recycling and sustainability efforts. This is effectively shown through the Silver Certification from Sustainable Jersey.

Sustainable Jersey is voluntary program for municipalities in the state that want to go green. Saving the environment is not the only benefit the community can gain from the program. Better sustainability means lower costs and a higher quality of life over the long term.

If the mayor is serious about getting his message across, he should consider launching a small marketing campaign. Using printing services to print out information about sustainability is an affordable option. If brochures are created, they can be handed out to businesses and residents.

One of the main reasons that people do not recycle or make sustainable changes to their lives is that they are uniformed. A brochure outlining simple ways that residents can help save the planet may help the cause. Another way to promote this issue is to hold charity events. All attendees will be aware of what the event is for and how they can help.