Entertainment Cruises announce new cruise experiences for spring

April 5, 2012 by  

Entertainment Cruises recently announced their spring schedule for specialty and themed cruises. These cruises will be leaving from Chelsea Piers in New York, as well as Lincoln Harbor in New Jersey.

Industry insiders have said that the announced cruises are ideal for families, couples, groups, and companies. The cruise company’s customers will come from around the country, as well as local residents from towns such as Cherry Hill.

The company will start the spring season by launching Mothers Day Cruises. These cruises will be short and offer lunch, brunch, or dinner. Events like this gives families opportunities to spend time with one another in beautiful cruise setting. Other themes the company plans to use include Fleet Week and 9/11 memorial cruises.

As these cruises are only offered at specific times, the company will need to plan its marketing strategy carefully. One of the easiest ways to increase awareness of cruise types and dates is to use printing services to make brochures. The company could advise the brochure printers to list the times and dates of all cruises on the brochure. The company may also want to include pictures of their ships, as well as a description of what is included in the cruise package. Once this promotional material is made up, it can be distributed throughout town. Some of the best spots for these brochures are the local visitor centers, public notice boards, and travel agents that sell river cruises.