Statewide Shakespeare Theater to take place in May

May 1, 2012 by  

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey will be hosting teachers and students for two days on the 7th and 8th of May. The initiative hopes to encourage a new appreciation of Shakespeare’s works by performing his plays. The students involved will have 20 minutes on stage to perform their Shakespeare scene to an audience of their peers, teachers and parents, and professional actors will act as judges. There are 14 schools scheduled to participate in this event. This list of schools includes Bloomfield High School.

Schools that are involved with activities such as this will need to inform parents of what it is all about. Most parents will not allow their children to attend field trips unless they know where they are going and what activities are involved. The easiest way for schools to notify parents of school events and other news is to use printing services to make up flyers.

Once the flyers have been printed, they can be given to the students to take home. As schools have events throughout the year, they may want to negotiate a deal with their printing company. Printing companies will sometimes give discounts to businesses with a large volume of orders.

These flyers can also be used to notify parents of other events. Some examples of these are school dances, sports matches and fund raising events. Some schools use flyers to tell parents about dress codes and health issues. Overall, printing flyers is an excellent way for elementary and high schools to get their message to parents.