New rules for running a non-profit business explained in business event

January 30, 2013 by  

The Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce is holding its next event in the Sax Macy Fromm Fist-to-Five event series next week.

The seminar, titled ‘A new playbook’, will present three experts who will discuss the new rules for non-profit businesses and advise businesspersons on the best way to adapt to those new rules. The experts are Dawn Apgar of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Annette Baron of Proposal Architect, and Robert Davison of the Mental Health Association of Essex County.

The new rules involve having to deal with a rise in income taxes, governmental policy changes, and economic uncertainty. The three experts will help those in attendance to design their own playbook in order to survive and to thrive. Those who attend will also receive breakfast.

This event should be a first-rate networking prospect for those who run non-profit companies or who plan to start a non-profit business throughout the area, including nearby Bloomfield. Many of those businesspersons attending will no doubt wish to place a business card printing order in good time so that they are equipped with an ample supply of cards. They will also want to make sure that their contact information is fully up-to-date. There will be time either before or after the seminar to briefly discuss business and work on growing a referral network.

‘A new playbook’ will take place at The Grove in Cedar Grove on February 6 from 8:00 am – 10:00 am. For more information, such as the cost, call 973-472-6250.