Businesswomen Meet Up in Bloomfield, NJ

February 4, 2012 by  

The Association for Women in Communications hosted an event called the “Author Self-Promotion Primer: How to Market Yourself and Create New Revenue Streams”. This event was held on Thursday the 26th, 2012 in Bloomfield.

The event was hosted by Pattie Simone. She gave the audience an overview of how to promote themselves after they have become a published author. Some of the information she gave out was very specific. Pattie advised women to create custom action plans, decide on their objectives and use social media for marketing purposes.

In the past authors would leave their marketing in the hands of their publisher. This usually resulted in a few authors enjoying tremendous success and the majority of them getting lost in the fold. Authors deciding to actively promote themselves is beneficial to both the authors and publishing companies.

The advance of technology has led to many people self-publishing their own work. This is a very exciting time in print history. Writers no longer have to wait for editors to go over their manuscript with a fine tooth comb. Instead those who are prepared to pay for it, can print whatever they want.

People who are considering self-publishing their work should speak to a print company. Many printing services include book publishing services. As writers are paying for books out of their own pocket, they will generally have small orders. Due to this, they should calculate how many issues they need printed. Writers can then get a quote for the job.