Bloomfield library hosts banking event

January 24, 2012 by  

The Bloomfield Library will be presenting a seminar called ‘Basics of Banking’ on January the 18th at 2p.m. This seminar aims to teach attendees the importance of taking control of their personal finances. Attendees will learn how to recognize basic banking terms, identify bank employee roles and understand banking services.

As the country is recovering from an economic recession, it is important to understand the finance industry and how it works. This seminar will allow attendees to do this. In an ideal situation, visitors to the library will come out of the seminar with knowledge that will help them make good financial choices. Many people sign up for banking products without fully understanding the product. This often leads to unpleasant surprises when they are charged high interest rates or bank fees.

The seminar will be presented by Melissa Jaipal. Melissa is a local branch manager at the Sovereign Bank in Bloomfield. She has worked at this branch for six months, and has over six years’ worth of banking experience. Melissa believes strongly in community service and in educating people on how to manage their finances.

The turnout at this event will largely depend on who has heard about it. Events held at public libraries generally do not have a high attendance rate. In the future this may be changed by launching an affordable marketing campaign. For example using printing services to print out flyers is a good way to let the public know about upcoming events. This simple marketing method is cheap and easy to implement.