New Jersey Schools Tackle Bullying

February 4, 2012 by  

In the past decade, violence in schools has become more prevalent. Thankfully, New Jersey schools are trying to address the issue of schoolyard bullying though the state’s 2002 policy against harassment, intimidation and bullying. In particular, legislators are trying to combat dating violence.

Dating violence and bullying occurs in every township. In fact it even affects middle and high income areas such as Berlin and Cherry Hill. The new laws require schools in all counties to have a policy that contains the following information.

– Violence will not be tolerated.
– Reporting procedures.
– Discipline procedures for at-school incidents.
– Warning signs.
– Information on resources available to address dating violence.

Psychologists believe that educating children and teenagers on these issues will prevent incidents from occurring. There are a few different ways that schools can do this. One method that has been extremely popular is using printing services to create brochures and flyers. The brochures usually contain in-depth information on bullying and violence. They also tell young people where they can go for help. Flyers generally have a slogan and some information for support lines.

This material is generally left in areas like sick bays, nurses offices and with guidance counselors. Students can pick up a brochure if it interests them. Some schools have decided to be more proactive. They have organized events in which the proceeds go towards this cause. Others have held assemblies where students are informed about the subject and given brochures to read in their own time.