Dinosaur park opens in NJ

June 3, 2012 by  

A brand new dinosaur park opened its gates in New Jersey on May 26. Visitors to the park experienced moving, roaring, and breathing dinosaurs towering before them.

All of the creatures at “Field Station: Dinosaurs” were created to scale. The curator of the New Jersey State museum has admitted that some aspects of recreation were difficult. Creators had a hard time getting the skin color and vocal chords of these creatures right.

In addition to the dinosaurs, the park has interactive workshops, games, dinosaur meet and greet sessions, and a fossil dig site. A great day out for adults and children, tourists can also access the park by taking a train from New York.

Due to the unique nature of the attraction, it is bound to become a popular visit. In fact, many NJ residents will probably not mind driving in from towns like Berlin. Some tourists may visit the state specifically to see the park as there are not many places in the world where an attraction like this exists.

While the park has been reported on in popular newspapers, the park will want to promote itself to local residents as well, making sure they are aware of this exciting attraction on their doorstep. Park management could improve ticket sales by launching a few simple marketing campaigns. One of the easiest ways to generate buzz is to use printing services to make up brochures and flyers. This promotional material can be distributed to the public and sent to such places as travel agencies and visitor centers.