North Versailles workshop to teach the value of preserving food

July 28, 2017 by  

One way to preserve the summer’s harvest is to make it into pickles, jams, jellies and other preserves, and a North Versailles workshop will teach the public how to make these condiments, and how to freeze produce, for themselves.

The Repair the World Workshop will be the location of Preserving the Harvest, which will be facilitated by Susan Marqueen. Using hands on style instructional methods, she will demonstrate how to make home made canned tomato sauce, and she will also explain the process of preparing fruit and vegetables for freezing. Those who come out will learn about the importance of blanching vegetables before packaging them for the freezer and how vital it is to use sterile methods to avoid contamination be harmful bacteria and moulds.

Grow Pittsburgh, which have organized the workshop, noted that the initiative is part of its goal of teaching people how to grow and store their own food and also how neighborhood gardens can help to build a community. Simple recipe books and other material for a training session such as this that will be open to the public can be supplied by an area printing services provider.

August 23rd has been selected as the date for this event, which will be held at 6022 Broad Street in Pittsburgh. The ticket price has been set at $10.00 each, and everyone is welcome to participate.