North Versailles seeking lawn care bids

March 27, 2017 by  

Summer is approaching, and it will soon be time for North Versailles parks and other green spaces to start receiving their landscaping maintenance. The community has issued a request for proposals from local companies that may be interested in performing this task.

The contract would be for the performance of grass cutting, clipping, trimming, and removal of the clippings. Those who are undertaking these jobs would be expected to act in a professional manner and wear appropriate attire, with supervision provided by the contractor. Subcontracting will not be permissible unless the township has provided its consent.

The successful bidder will need to carry applicable insurance, including Workman’s Compensation Insurance, Property Damage Insurance, and General Liability Insurance. They will also be required to carry vehicle insurance, and are also responsible for inspecting the sites and conditions before making its proposal, as these will not be accepted as reasons for failure to meet the terms of the proposal. A printer will be able to supply communities such as North Versailles with business forms and other materials they can use when working with outside contractors in situation such as this.

A complete copy of the request for bids, and information about the terms of the proposals and other details has been made available on the North Versailles website. The deadline for the submission of bids is March 31.