North Versailles residents invited to PAWS

January 28, 2017 by  

North Versailles families who have a child about to enter kindergarten are invited to participate in special evenings intended to help make the transition to kindergarten a whole lot easier.

The activities, which have been dubbed Parents Are Welcome in School (PAWS), will give families an opportunity to meet the teacher and other educators at their child’s future school, as well as see the facility and classroom. Each will receive a set of materials that will help them prepare their son or daughter for their first day of kindergarten. Those who organize an event like this can use digital copying to produce copies of the items that will be shared.

During the evening, parents or caregivers can register their son or daughter, so they are reminded to bring along the documents necessary for them to be able to do so.

The children who participate will be able to take part in games and other fun that will give them a foundation in reading, math and writing. Each of the three nights will have a different theme, and families are strongly encouraged to attend each one.

The PAWS night have been scheduled for February 22nd, March 29th and April 26th. A complete listing of details and themes for each session, as well as a list of the documents required for registration, has been made available on the East Allegheny School District’s website.