Happy birthday Dr. Seuss from North Versailles

January 20, 2018 by  

Theodor Seuss Geisel, who is better known as Dr. Seuss, was born on March 2nd, 1904, and the North Versailles Public Library will be marking the occasion with a birthday party held in his honor.

Kids of all ages are invited to the celebration, which will include a variety of themed activities for them to enjoy. It will kick off with a reading of some of Dr. Seuss’s stories, and after that, the fun will keep right on going.

There will be a screening of the movie ‘In Search of Dr. Seuss’, which tells the story of the author and filmmaker’s life in a way that is intended to be kid-friendly. Dessert will be served to the guests, and there will also be a chance to them to craft a themed creation of their very own from the Lego provided.

The evening’s activities are being offered as part of the library’s Story Time and Lego Club schedule. Flyers that promote a special event like this can be provided by printer, and can be distributed throughout the community.

Anyone who would like to have their son or daughter take part in wishing Dr. Seuss a happy 114th birthday is asked to register them by no later than February 20. The party will be held on February 27th, and more details can be found on the library’s Eventkeeper website.