North Conway afternoon to offer beer, books, and casual conversation

March 20, 2018 by  

North Conway area’s Tuckerman Brewing Company has partnered with White Birch Books to offer its first ever offsite Books and Brews event.

The afternoon will see Laura and Nicole showcasing four to six paperbacks they feel are ”must reads”. These will range from sleepers to new releases, and while they peruse the titles, the guests will be able to enjoy sampling some of Tuckerman’s brews.

While they sip their beer, those who come out will be able to meet new friends who share their love of the written word. The tickets for the occasion are being offered to the public for $25 each, and this includes one paperback book, a tour of the brewery, and a flight of beer.

Attendees will also all receive a $5 gift certificate that they can redeem at White Birch Books when they make their next purchase at the shop. A printer that crafts corporate gifts can produce everything from custom drinkware to bookmarks, T-shirts, and more to give away during this type of occasion.

This opportunity for readers to “unplug” while they relax with a book, beer, and conversation has been organized for the afternoon of April 11. It is set to start at 4:00 pm and run until 6:00 pm, and more details for anyone who is interested have been made available on the White Birch Books website.