Early childhood education focus of North Conway area conference

October 29, 2017 by  

Early childhood educators, child care program administrators and others with an interest in this field are invited to register for a North Conway area conference that will help provide a high level of quality care to their charges.

The symposium will cover a variety of topics chosen because they may help those who work with small children enhance their knowledge of nutrition, and also health and safety practices.

The daylong event will include a keynote presentation by Tessa McDonell, who will be discussing “Making Connections: Seeing How the Pieces Fit Together”. Each of the delegates can select the training topics they would like to learn more about and then attend the workshop addressing that subject. Altogether, there will be 15 of these training topic sessions include in the schedule.

Those who attend the event may be able to qualify for up to six hours that may count towards their professional development, and networking time is included in the agenda. The registration fee is $35.00, and those who sign up to participate have the option of adding the bagged lunch of their choice to their ticket when they register. An area printing services provider will be able to supply an assortment of items that can be given out as swag during a conference like this.

Conway’s Kennett Middle School will be hosting the symposium, which will take place in November 4th. All those who have an interest in early childhood education are welcome.