Volunteers save a life with new device

September 30, 2016 by  

The Mayor and Council of North Arlington recently honored members of the North Arlington Volunteer Emergency Squad (NAVES) for their use of a newly-acquired CPR machine to save a life.

Although police had tried to save the 28-year-old man’s life using CPR and other treatments, it was only when NAVES members treated the patient in the ambulance on the way to Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville that he was able to regain consciousness.

Christopher Imbrenda, Captain of NAVES, said the tool is known as an AutoPlule device. It is strapped onto the body of the patient and automatically performs CPR, by squeezing the chest cavity intermittently, so that paramedics can work on other tasks.

Members of the NAVES team were presented Life Saving Awards by Captain Imbrenda, who also thanked the Council and the Mayor for enabling the Squad to purchase the device earlier in the year. Council President Richard Hughes congratulated the members of the crew while Councilman Brian Fitzhenry praised the unselfishness and great talents of the team. He added that they also have the best interests of North Arlington in mind.

NAVES will soon be receiving another AutoPulse device. The Squad might consider the use of various printing services provide more information to the community about the capabilities of the device and its benefits in saving lives and assisting paramedics.