Senior housing to be considered for North Arlington

February 24, 2017 by  

Three options for funding new housing for seniors are being discussed by officials in the borough of North Arlington.

The options as described by Bob Ceberio, borough economic development consultant, are public sources, such as the state of New Jersey or Bergen County; partnering with religious or not-for-profits organizations; or using a private developer.

Ceberio commented that public funding is often preferred as long as officials from the municipality are comfortable with the stipulations. Mayor Joseph Bianchi commented that he prefers working with a private developer so the borough would have more control with the project and its ability to accommodate its seniors.

Feedback from the public is now needed and the mayor suggested creating a questionnaire to determine the needs of seniors in the borough. He could look to a local printing company to help with creating and printing the questionnaire.

Ceberio agreed with the polling process to determine if there are a sufficient number of seniors to warrant building this facility. The Mayor added that a good response would be needed and it would also have to be favorable towards building this type of housing. He said that if seniors show an interest in this type of housing, then he would make sure it gets built.

Once a financing option has been determined by the council, then a survey of suitable sites will follow.