North Arlington council works towards Porette Avenue redevelopment

December 28, 2016 by  

Government officials from North Arlington recently allowed RCM Ceberio LLC, its consultant for redevelopment, to work with The Hampshire Companies for the development of property in the redevelopment area of Porette Avenue.

Robert Ceberio, principal of RCM, said the area, which is in the industrial southeast corner of the borough, covers about 24 acres, and is composed of 24 parcels that are privately owned, some of which are vacant and some of which have been abandoned.

The land can be used for various public uses, indoor and/or outdoor commercial recreation, flexible space, and modular housing manufacturing, among others. Each lot can be as large as three acres, with building height at a 60-foot maximum, and lot coverage up to 60%. The concept, as developed by Hampshire for Porete Avenue, shows that it would address each site individually and then integrate each one into a larger redevelopment.

The Hampshire Companies was the only company to respond to the Request for Qualifications of the borough, as, according to Ceberio, it was not deterred by some of the restrictions placed on the redevelopment. The company feels it can work with the borough to redevelop the area given its assets and experience, Ceberio added.

Once plans have been finalized for the project, the North Arlington Borough Council could create flyers and other materials to distribute throughout the community to keep it informed.