Students write successful grant application to support Compeer program

February 15, 2017 by  

Mental Health America of Licking County (MHALC) recently received a grant from students at Ohio State University in Newark.

The students are in Dr. Elizabeth Weiser’s class in Professional Writing, and are learning to use their writing in real-world applications, including grant writing. Individual students write a proposal for a grant for a local nonprofit, then submit it to the class for consideration. The winner is the proposal the class finds most persuasive and best written. Dr. Weiser then underwrites the grant, and this year, Chelsea Olms’ effort won $250 for MHALC.

MHALC Compeer’s program, which Olms’ grant funds, aims to lessen the isolation of those struggling with mental health issues. The word “compeer” means “companion,” and much of the program’s work is dedicated to helping troubled individuals develop relationships with others. Through these efforts, they become less isolated, and begin to reintegrate into their community. They are also encouraged to develop friendships, and become involved in local issues in a meaningful way.

Those individuals who are in the program learn to develop the kinds of relationships that help them address problems with self-esteem and isolation directly. The Compeer program serves all of Licking County, and is a peer-based recovery program.

Programs like this can benefit if organizers work with a booklet printing company to create a short handout that explains the program and its objectives and methodology.