Wild Things launches new clothing line

January 28, 2012 by  

In response to an increased demand for outdoor apparel, Wild Things revealed its first line of branded apparel. The line features fabrics such as classic twill and canvas. Some items will also use modern technical materials which will aid the functionality of the clothing.

Wild Things Gear of Newport was chosen as the sole licensee for this clothing range. This is due to the its long history with the military community and alpine industry. The new line will be available online and at offline retail outlets. While the company is based in Rhode Island, it will also sell clothing in their North Conway store.

High quality outdoor clothing will always be in demand. This is because travelers, athletes and outdoor activity enthusiasts need clothing that can withstand extreme weather. Due to this, many people are prepared to pay high prices for this clothing. However, they will not be able to purchase it if they do not know the brand exists.

Any company that launches a new product line needs to have a marketing strategy in place. This will increase brand awareness and boost sales. One great way of getting customers into stores is by holding an opening sale. This sale can be advertised using printing services to create flyers and brochures. Companies who have bigger budgets can also use more traditional advertising methods such as television and radio. It is also worthwhile using online marketing strategies as they are affordable, effective and easy to implement.