The Dean Machine comes to North Conway

February 27, 2013 by  

The Dean Machine is a much loved musical group that is making an appearance in North Conway tomorrow night.

The group has a huge fan base and features Jeremy Dean as the lead vocal singer, creating music of his own unique styling and sound. Influenced by many types of music, the group plays a wonderful selection that is enjoyed by most audiences. Poster printing by local print companies was most likely used to share the details with people in North Conway.

Dean spent more than a quarter of a century playing his music in and around the New England area. During that time, he had the opportunity to meet and become friends with a number of outstanding musicians, who influenced his style without altering his unique tastes.

The group, which is on the record label ‘Heard of Turtles’, consists of Dean as lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Kenny Oaks as vocalist and bass guitarist, Matty Bowman on the drums, Thaddeus Pinkerton on bass, Mick Collins on drums, and Heather Pierson on keyboard. This group has a lively and entertaining performance that will have the audience humming along with the music.

Ticket information is available on Reverbnation. The Dean Machine will be making its appearance tomorrow, February 28, starting at 9:00 pm at McGrath’s Tavern located at 3465 White Mt. Highway in North Conway, New Hampshire. For additional information on tickets or the group, please visit Reverbnation’s website or call the McGrath’s Tavern during business hours.