Outlet to offer two summer events

July 17, 2012 by  

With both ‘Diva Day’ and a camping sale coming up at the Settlers Green Outlet Mall, North Conway residents who love discounts and interesting buys will be able to “shop until they drop” soon enough. Whether looking for a fun shopping experience or aiming to get ahead on school supplies, this is the time for individuals to get things done.

The activity begins on July 28 with ‘Diva Day.’ Starting at 11:00 am and concluding at roughly 3:00 pm, this themed event promises to be one fun-filled activity after another. Featuring prizes, massages, live belly dancers, freebies, and bargains galore, the appeal of Diva Day is the way that it will be making things all about the shoppers. By virtue of the sales alone, this is a special event sure to attract people from around the community.

Even though it is still the summer months, the Settlers Green Outlet Mall will once again be hosting a special event in the ‘Mall-Wide Tent Sale.’ In a nutshell, the focus is on helping shoppers get ready for fall. Going from August 2 – 5, the tents that are set up over the course of the sale are expected to include huge discounts, clearance sales for summer clothing, and back to school items among other things. With plenty of savings to be had on major brands, residents may well be tempted to stop by and see what is on offer.

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