New Hampshire Tourism Office reveals new state slogan

April 20, 2012 by  

The Division of Travel and Tourism New Hampshire has spent months looking for the perfect slogan for their state. They have now announced a slogan which they believes captures the independent spirit of New Hampshire. This slogan is “Live Free and . . .”. It refers to the state motto, “Live Free or Die”.

Campaign ads show circumstances which can be tied to the slogan. For example, an advertisement showing a hiker climbing a mountain states “Live free and climb”. Officials hope that they can use this slogan to promote the natural attractions of the state. If the campaign brings in tourists, it will benefit businesses all over the state. This includes small towns such as North Conway. Many people opt to stay in smaller towns as they are closer to nature and have cheaper accommodation.

The organizers of this campaign will need to use printing services to create brochures, flyers and posters. This promotional material will often be distributed at places like travel agents, visitor centers and airports. The tourism authority may also want to consider advertising to nearby states. Some states have had success with this as they promoted the affordability and convenience of visiting another town. Ideally organizers will ensure that the promotional material includes lots of images. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to respond to images when it comes to taking a vacation. Due to this, placing posters at the right locations may be beneficial for the tourism authority.