Military personnel and families go free in NH museums

May 31, 2012 by  

1,500 museums across the United States are currently offering free admission to military personnel, as well as their families, in an offer which started on Memorial Day and runs through to Labor Day. New Hampshire residents will be pleased to know that 24 of those museums are located in their state.

These discounts were set up by the Blue Star Museums project, a collaboration between the National Endowment of Arts, the Department of Defense, and Blue Star Families. For 2012, there are several types of museums participating. Some examples of these are fine arts museums, science centers, history museums and children’s museums.

Military staff members who take up the offer can turn the outing into a fun day for their families. Most museums have playgrounds for children, gift stores, and cafes. Some of them also have pleasant outdoor areas for picnics. Using these discounts is an enjoyable way for military staff to spend time with their family without having to spend too much money.

In order for the scheme to be successful, military staff must know that these discounts are available. The best way for the museums to do this is to use printing services to make up flyers, which can be posted to residents of areas like North Conway, while the military can also give these flyers to staff members. Some museums may even want to put on special events during the weekend to promote these deals. While the entrance free will be waived, the museums can still profit from cafeteria food, souvenirs, and special exhibit fees.