New Hampshire Petting Zoo Advertises on Popular Website

April 28, 2012 by  

McDonny’s Traveling Farm in New Hampshire is now advertising on The company is hoping advertising on this website will bring them new customers. This move is likely to be successful as many event planners frequent the site.

The petting zoo serves the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It is family owned and operated. The company specializes in birthday parties, coop outings and school activities. The animals at the farm are pets of the owners. The company hopes to teach children to love and respect farm animals.

As this company only services a two states, a worldwide web directory may not be the best way to advertise the business. People with small businesses have found that using printing services to make up flyers has been successful. This is especially true for those who are advertising their products and services to parents. As most parents are busy with work and raising their children, they are unlikely to be spending a lot of time party planning online. Companies in New Hampshire cities like Nashua may find that a print campaign is an effective way to reach people with young children.

Once flyers are printed, they can be hung up in places parents are likely to frequent. Some examples of these are supermarkets and schools. Businesses can also opt to send flyers in the mail or hand them out in busy areas. Parents who are not looking to plan a party can keep hold of it for future reference.