Nashua schools look for technology funding

February 28, 2012 by  

Kindergarten students in Nashua schools are currently using Apple iPads as learning tools in the classroom. This technology allows them to connect with people at other schools and access online information easily. Unfortunately, the demand for these iPads is now so high that schools need additional funding.

The school is hoping to secure and additional $250,000 in their 2013 budget. They plan on using this money for staff and technology equipment. Ideally, schools will be able to replace computers and other equipment.

This move has been met with opposition from parents. A lot of people believe that small children should not have access to such sophisticated computer equipment. Having iPads in the classroom also means issues such as theft and damage will need to be addressed. Whether or not parents approve of the technology, they need to be aware that iPads are the future. More and more schools are implementing them in the classroom. This is partly because it will save them money on equipment in the long run.

Schools that are looking for additional funding should consider using printing services to make flyers for parents. Promotional material can be used to advise parents of the benefits that iPads bring to the classroom. Schools can also opt to ask parents for donations in the flyers or even on posters. Even small donations will be able to help schools significantly. For example, if 300 parents donated $5, the school would have $1,500 to spend on iPads and any other equipment they need.